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IRELAND – September 2012

Hi Travel Addicts,   Just got back from 10 days in Ireland.   This was a music trip with folk musican Don White who performed a concert for us.   We had private concerts with local Irish musicians as well as the sessions in the pubs every night.   We traveled with our own driver and guide.   There were 25 music lovers, Don White family and fans.   The scenery was breathtaking, the food delicious, great beer (Guinness) and lots of new friendships.   We’re definitely returning to Ireland next August.  You can check out the links for more information.

Just enough time to update my website, pet my two cats, do the laundry before I travel again.

I’m off on another “Travel Adventure” on September 29th — 2 nights in Iceland and 2 weeks in an apartment I rented in the Marais area of Paris.   There are six of us on this fun trip.   Paris is my favorite city in the world.    My friend Holly is actually renting an apartment for three months there.   I’ll update this blog when I get home.   Hope some of my trips appeal to you.   HAPPY TRAVELS, EILEEN





29, 2011

I hope you’re having a great summer.  I am.    I’ve been away at my annual trip to a UU camp (Unitarian Universalist) at Radford University in Virginia  and just got back.   Glad to be home enjoying the beach.   I live just a couple of blocks from the ocean and this is my favorite time of year.   I’m busy working on other trips.    In 2012 I’m hoping to be traveling to Turkey, a Songs at Sea cruise to Bermuda with musician Tret Fure, a trip to Ireland with musician/comedian Don White, a return to Provence & Paris in September   (I have one deposit already).    Still working on a possible trip to the Greek Islands.  

I’ve recently met a Paris native who is living in New Hampshire.   We might work together on another trip to France — someplace different than my usual trip to Provence.    In 2013 there is a possible cruise to Alaska with musician/comedian Don White, maybe another trip to Ireland with him — SO FAR.

Just six more week to my next trip to Paris & Provence (MY FAVORITE).   I’m listening to French tapes while I’m driving, working out at the gym to lose a few pounds before I begin eating that fabulous food.   In October I’ll be going on a Danube River Cruise.   I’m looking forward to both trips.

TRAVEL TIPS:   CELL PHONE USE OVERSEAS:    The average tourist traveling overseas doesn’t have a cell phone with them.   I have a cell phone that I bought to use overseas only for emergencies.   I give the number to the people who are traveliing with me to leave as an emergency number for their family at home.

I always remind people that we won’t be in cell phone contact the way you would at home.   If you are planning on meeting others at a certain time and place and you are running late or can’t find them at the designated meeting place, you won’t be able to call them.   So, you need to build in a little extra time so that you are on time when planning to meet someone.   Also, you need to be REALLY SPECIFIC about where you plan to meet — just remember what it was like before cell phones.

Let me know if you’d like to get added to my monthly newsletter.   I’ll be in touch before I leave on my next trips.   Hope to hear from you if you’d like to travel with me.




Hi Travel Addicts — June 22, 2011

Paris & Provence — I’ve just reserved the house in Uzes for September 1-8, 2012.   So, if you’re interested, don’t wait.  You can check out the house by Googling Mas des Patres in Uzes, France and looking at some pictures and the description of the house.    I’m getting together with four of the women going to Provence this September.  We’re having lunch together.   Everyone is getting really excited.    I just saw a great movie, “Midnight in Paris”.   Be sure to check it out.   I loved it.    It was fun recognizing all the scenes of Paris.   Plus the “Midnight” activities are fabulous!!

TRAVEL TIPS:   More Packing Tips.

Please think twice about the size suitcase you are carrying.   If you’re traveling by car, feel free to bring your largest suitcase, but if you are flying, you definitely don’t want a large suitcase.   The airlines are charging extra for oversized and overweight bags.  When you’re traveling overseas you are allowed one checked bag for no charge.  When traveling abroad always be sure that you are able to carry your suitcase for short distances (on and off trains, changing platforms at train stations, down stairs, etcetera).

What clothes to bring?   I usually decide at the last minute.  I make sure my clothes are all clean and then several days before I leave I check on weather.com for a 10-day forecast.  Then I make the decision of what to take.  I don’t bring too many pairs of shoez — they’re bulky and weigh a lot.  I plan on doing some handwash of some clothes while traveling to help limit what I bring.

CARRY-ON BAG:   I bring a bag with wheels that has lots of compartments and I try to pack the heaviest things in this bag (books, shoes).  Always carry all important documents, money, medications in your carry-on in the event your checked bag gets lost or delayed.   I usually also bring a change of clothes in case of lost or delayed luggage.   

I’ll be in touch again soon!!!   Let’s travel!!!

Travel Addicts Update!!   June 3, 2011

In May I ran an ad in the Journeywoman newsletter and got a great response.   There seems to be some interest in my returning to Provence and Paris in September of 2012.   I’m working on some dates to rent the house in Uzes and will let you all know once I can confirm a date.   I’m excited about this year’s trip and have been working on some fun things for us to do in Paris (dinner at an ex-pat’s house, fashion show) and also possibly a cooking lesson while we are in Provence.   I’ve been chatting with everyone about insurance, luggage, clothes to pack, etcetera.   It’s only three months away.   I can’t wait.

I got some feedback about a third island to go to in the Greek Islands and that is Naxos.   So, I’ll be looking to organize a trip to Crete, Santorini and Naxos followed by a couple of nights in Athens.   Hope to have details by the end of the summer.

SONGS AT SEA BERMUDA CRUISE — One of our musicians scheduled for this trip, Ellen Bukstel, has had to drop out of this trip.   So, we’re full steam ahead with Tret Fure.   Tret has done many cruises before and has a great following.  Check her out at www.tretfure.com.

The Musical Tour of Ireland with Don White is almost sold out.   Right now there are three or four spots left and the trip isn’t until August of 2012.

TRAVEL TIP:   $$$$$ Money and Credit Cards

As you may be aware, using traveler’s checks is not very popular any more.   Most places won’t take them.   The most common way to get cash is to use your ATM card.   Just be sure you have a four number pin.    When withdrawing money you should generally anticipate your needs and take out enough money to last several days.  Since you’ll probably be paying a fee per transaction from both your local and overseas banks, you don’t want to be running to the ATM frequently.   The only time you should take out a small amount is at the end of the trip when you just need a little money to tide you over until you leave.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME:   Contact your bank where you have your ATM card and your credit card companies and let them know that you’ll be using them, where you will be traveling and the dates that you’ll be away.  This is really important, since in the era of stolen identities, if you don’t contact them and they see something unusual, they will try to contact you to confirm the use — and guess what– you’re already away on vacation and they can’t reach you.

Until next month, Happy Travels, Eileen

Welcome to my new website!   Thanks for checking it out.   I’m very excited about the website and my new newsletter.   I’ll be blogging on the website about once a month with any updates on upcoming trips, or stories from past trips, and I’ll include at least one travel tip each time I write.   Please check out my Gallery of pictures, and if you’ve been on one of my trips and have a photo you’d like to share, please e-mail it to me here.

In addition to the trips on the home page I have some other trip ideas for 2012.   Since my September 2011 trip to Provence & Paris filled quickly and several people got shut out, I’m considering doing the Provence & Paris trip again at the end of August/beginning of September 2012 if there is interest.   Check out the quick link on the right side of my home page.  That gives  the itinerary on the 2011 trip, so you would know what the trip looks like.   It’s my all-time favorite trip.

The other trip I’d like to do again is the Greek Islands.   I have two islands picked out, Crete and Santorini.   I’m looking to add a third island that we can get to easily from Crete or Santorini.   I’ve been to Mykonos several times, so I’m looking for something else.   We’ll also spend a few days in Athens.    If you’d like to join me on this trip and you have some ideas, let me know and we can see if it will work.   I’m thinking the third week of September 2012.  I’d love to hear your ideas.

Travel Tip

One of my favorite packing tips is using plastic bags to pack.  I have used Ziplock bags, but the zip seal doesn’t last that long.  I might use the Ziplock for small packages, such as underwear.   I’ve been buying bags at Target in their travel section (large & medium).   I don’t use bags that need a vacuum cleaner to suck out the air.   I pack tops in one bag, pants in another, etc.   Once you pack them you roll and get all the air out.   The clothes don’t wrinkle either.   I get lots more in my suitcase and I keep the clothes in the bags when I unpack.  It makes it much easier to find things.   You could also bag outfits in one bag — top, pants, jewelry.

– Happy Travels, Eileen





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